Wish Bracelet

The Grove Apothica

This adorable little wish bracelets allow you to put something out into the universe and see how it comes back to you. These are perfect to helping to remind you of an intention or to manifest something you really want. Once the bracelet breaks, you will have the answer you seek, have a reminder of what you should let go of, or another reason to make another wish.

Each bracelet will have 3 6mm beads which can be one stone or custom (choose option in dropdown). The beads are knotted on a hemp cording which is rather durable but will eventually break to allow you to Manifest away Moonbeams!

Crystal Options:

Custom - Up to 3 stones - choose from options below
Angel Aura Quartz - Connection
Amazonite - Balance
Amethyst - Clarity
Ametrine - Clarity and Confidence
Black Onyx - Grounding
Blue Goldstone - Vision
Botswana Agate - Comfort
Citrine - Confidence
Clear Quartz - Cleansing
Garnet - Security
Green Aventurine - Manifesting
Labradorite - Awareness
Moonstone - Patience
Smokey Quartz - Protection
Sodalite - Intuition
Rose Quartz - Love
Rhodonite - Self Love
Unakite - Healing

Color of Hemp cord cannot be customized but will be complimentary to the stone chosen.

**If ordering Custom or 2 for $12, please leave preferences in Notes section of checkout. Thanks**

*Shipping Time*- This piece is made to order and will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks!

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