Unakite Divine Messenger / Angel

The Grove Apothica

Over the last year or so, I have been connecting to these Divine Messenger/Angel figures. I do not call them Angels myself as I see these light beings as Messengers: bringing us messages, protecting us, and reminding us of the divinity within. These Divine Messengers stand up straight and are great to put on your desk, alter, or in your sacred space. Put one on your bedside to have a guardian while you sleep. I have a total of 6 Divine Messengers in different stones all over my creation space and alter. They help to oversee creating your healing pieces and I will hold them when I need a moment of clarity.

These Unakite Divine Messengers are on average 2in Tall x 1in wide at the wings. 

Unakite (green with pink spots):

  • A companion stone for Doulas and Midwives
  • said to symbolize “what comes together belongs together
  • align the emotional body with one’s spirituality
  • a “growth crystal” - a powerful conduit of the earth’s Life Force of birth, development, and creation
  • ideal for grounding and centering at the beginning or ending of a ritual
  • Supports deeper spiritual connection to baby and promotes productive breathing
  • Helps you with change of any type and to understand other people’s perspectives
  • Acts as a buffer around artificial electrical fields
  • Helps balance the heart and mind
  • For pregnant women, holding a piece on the womb helps to make a spiritual connection with baby


*Shipping Time* - This piece is ready to ship in 1-3 Business days.