Rise & Soar Bracelet

The Grove Apothica

The Rise & Soar bracelet has been so healing for so many people in my life and growing community. I wanted it to offer it up to you also because it is so powerful for healing to ease Stress, Anxiety, and Fear. It will fit wrist sizes 6in - 8.5in (9in. when fully open) and has beautiful healing energy to it.

Everyday stresses can really take a toll on us. Collecting them and others nonsense makes us a little jumpy as well. Knowing that you are supported and trusting that the Universe will provide can be really hard especially when we have never let someone else take the wheel. This Mala is meant to help you release some of the thought patterns that are keeping you from letting go of the wheel and allowing the universe to drive your life. We will all get there when we need to, but the Universe can take a turn too and let your weary heart rest.

Using the intention that is infused int every knot and closure:
"I Release my Fear and step into my personal Power when I let go and Trust the universe to have my back"

Uses gemstone energies from:
- Lava Stone (black stone with nooks and crannies)
- Garnet (deep red stone with flashes of red):
- Tourmalated Quartz (clear stone with strands of black):
- Citrine (yellow translucent):
- Clear Quartz (clear translucent):
- Fluorite (purple and/or green translucent):
- Labradorite (light grey with dark small speckles and gorgeous rainbow flashes)


*Shipping Time* - This piece is made to order and will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks!

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