Rooted in Reverie Bracelet

The Grove Apothica

This bracelet was created with the purpose of supporting and creating a life that is ready and willing to step into your Divine Purpose. It connects the grounded Root Chakra into the dreaming Third Eye Chakra to help you stay supported and stable while you follow your purpose. The energy also flows in this bracelet from stones that support the Root up into stones for the Third Eye and Crown and then back down again, giving you a cyclical flow of purpose in your energy field.

This piece packs a punch as it brings in all 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Spirit and balances the Divine Masculine/Feminine energies.  If you have been looking for a piece to protect, support, and get you to where you want to be for your dream goals, you have found it. Earthy and beautiful meets intuitive purpose.



“Let the light of my third eye show me the way as I ground myself in this journey, knowing my path will be revealed when I am ready.”


Gemstone Allies:

Moonstone: (3rd eye & Crown - Water/Spirit Elements)

  • Is the talisman for the inward journey, meditation with it can take one deep into the self
    • What is revealed there is recognized as the missing pieces of the puzzle to one’s life (parts of the soul that have been left behind or forgotten)
  • Enhances the intuitive side of the mind
  • Moon energies: pull and release
  • Encourages us to pay attention to the cycle of our lives
    • With each cycle wisdom, understanding and self-knowledge are increased
    • Celebrate the milestones and rites of passage
  • Can help one sort through emotions
  • Patience to allow things to grow


Labradorite: (All Chakras - Air/Spirit Elements) LIGHT & DARK versions

  • The Magic stone
  • Adventure stone: takes one on a journey of self-discovery
  • Harmonizes with moonstone
  • Placed on the third eye during meditation it can enhance visionary experiences of future, past and inner domains of time and timelessness
  • Stone of strength and unity
  • Helps us to understand that polarities are actually a singular event
  • Can reveal the patterns of “disease” and help to heal
  • Uncover subconscious belief patterns and bring clarity and healing


Moss/Tree Agate: (Root Chakra - Earth Element)

  • Balance and stability in the physical plane
  • Great recovery stone
  • “Slow and steady win the race”
  • Mental concentration, persistence, endurance and bringing one’s goals to completion 
  • Greater determination and persistence in dealing with the daily challenges of life


Black Tourmaline: (Base - Earth Element)

  • Most protective stone
  • Grounding path for light to enter the earth
  • Centering


Lava Stone: (Root Chakra - Earth/Fire Elements)

  • Fire element
  • Courage and stability through times of change
  • Emotional tranquility and calmness



*Shipping Time* - This piece is made to order and will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks!

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