Reiki Master Training

During Reiki Master Training we will Learn:

  • Recap of Level 1 and 2
  • The ART and Master Symbols
  • Tandens, Meridians, and other Energy Connections
  • How to incorporate other Healing Modalities to your practice
  • The Reiki Master Meditation
  • How to attune your own students (Yah!!)

You will Receive:

  • Reiki Master Training Manual
  • 2 Attunements to the ART and Master Reiki Symbols
  • A Reiki Master Certificate
  • Hands on Attunement Practice
  • Practice on Teaching to Students

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2 Certificate and at least 8 Months since Reiki 2 Training. This is not a cemented Rule but it is more of a preference through my experience with other students and Reiki Practitioners. If you feel ready for the Master class before this time period, please contact me. The 8 Month wait between Reiki 2 and the Master level doesn't have to be consistent sessions but you should at least have experience working on clients who are not friends/family before you take the Master Level. This way you understand how to perform a complete session and how your Reiki practice changes the more sessions you perform. Again, if you feel ready for the Master class before this time period, please contact me. Move through the training at your own pace as this type of practice is not a race.

Location: TBD - each classes needs are different so the location will be determined by class size and location availability. I will of course let you know where class will be in enough time for you to make arrangements

Energy Exchange: $500 ** - There are payment plan options available as well. Contact me for details.

Time: 12p-6p Saturday and 12p - 6p Sunday. We will have many breaks and time for lunch. The class is long and over 2 days but packed full of info for your practice.

Class Length: 5-6 hours per day. You must attend both days to receive certificate.

Class Size: Minimum 2 Students - Maximum 5 students

Preregistration Required - Sign up closes 3 days before class!  You will receive your Student Kit in class so choose "Local Pick Up" at checkout!


I can't wait to show you how to share Reiki with others!



** I do offer a special reparational rate for BIPOC, LGBTQI2-S, those with Disabilities, those that are systemically and chronically underserved, with significant financial hardship from COVID-19, and those working in the Social Justice arena. I want to be of humbled service to these communities and allow them to step to the front of the line. Please use code "REPARATIONS" at checkout.

If you are a student who has benefited from systemic and/or financial privilege and want to help sponsor another student fully at the reparational rate please contact me directly. By offering this investment for another student you are leveraging your privilege in creating opportunities for those that are systemically marginalized to be able to participate in this course with ease.



Cancellation policy - We understand that things change, so we will honor a cancellation and full refund up to 14 days before the scheduled class.  If you are within the 14 day period but before 5 days of the scheduled class, there will be  $50 Cancellation Fee removed from your refund to cover our time and costs to prepare your spot in class. If you cancel within 5 days of the scheduled class, there will be No refund offered. Class fee can be transferred to any other Reiki class of the same level but no refund will be available to you. Thank you for understanding our policy. If you have any questions please let me know.

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