Pyramid Spread - 15+ Card Reading - Tarot, Oracle, Intuitive Reading

The Grove Apothica

Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards has become a beautiful part of our lives. If you have any of my custom pieces, you already know that we pull cards for every piece but we felt that we should start offering readings separately as well, so here we are.

The spread that we use for your reading was actually created by Ashley. She used it intuitively for a client and have been using it ever since as a way to delve into a situation more deeply, for her and for you. If you were sitting across from her for the reading the shape would look like a pyramid for you and a upside down triangle for her. She came to find out that this was on purpose. A Pyramid is a place of honor, where truths are kept, and where the Zenith at the top is your goal or pinnacle of energy. An upside-down triangle is also significant because for her it shows energy being filtered down into one feeling or action. So, for you, it looks like a goal that you are building to, and for her it looks like emotions and situations being worked through to understand the purpose of it all.

Those two shapes together are actually opposites and can represent the aspect of “as above, so below”, and the reading we are giving you is the “So within” aspect. We hope you love this reading style as much as we do because we feel like we are figuring everything out together.

We start your reading with 5 cards. This is the situation or the space that you are holding for yourself right now. We are going to read the cards across and then interrelate them as we go. This will happen with every row of cards. Next Row will be 4, then 3, then 2, and then 1 which will be the end goal of the whole situation. I’ve laid out your entire card reading on the next page and you can follow along up the Pyramid from the bottom to the top as we progress.

If you have a specific question that you want to be answered. Please send it to me with your order or email us about it.

This reading comes with a 4-5 page PDF reading that will include:

  • a picture of your reading with any crystals we were called to use
  • an explanation of the cards and how they relate together. Which can include symbol, zodiac, elements, visions we had, and crystal associations that come through as well.
  • a Journal prompts to help you dive into your reading even more
  • and if we feel called to, we may send an affirmation.

The possibilities for this reading are endless and we would be honored to hold space for you.

Once the reading is ordered, we will have it emailed to you within 5 business days. so keep in mind that if you order on a Saturday, we may not have it to you until the following friday.

If you have any questions about the process or the reading before purchasing, please don't hesitate to contact us!


*Shipping Time* - This reading will be emailed to you within 5 business days!

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