Messenger of Dreams Bracelet

The Grove Apothica

The Messenger Series was created to help guide us through our day. We each have guides, angels, ancestors and messengers that are there for us and are leading and guiding us. Each piece represents a different Guide in our life.

This piece is the Messenger of Dreams. Our dream world is full of symbolism and is a way for us to work through our daily situations. This piece can help you to see the magic and understand the shadow side that is our dream work. Wear it to sleep to help you remember your dreams in the morning so that you can work through the symbolism of your dream landscape.

Guide me into my Dreams

Angel Aura Quartz (faceted bubble like)-
Helps you connect with your guardians and divine messengers. Crystals of spiritual elevation, remarkable for their powers of guidance and expansion of the soul. Uplifting to the spirit and promote natural joy, hope and optimism.

Apatite (bright blue):
Clears away confusion, apathy, or negativity. Stimulates intellect to expand knowledge and truth. A motivational stone, promoting independence and ambitiousness. With spiritual discipline, it encourages the development of deeper states of mediation and reflection. Provides inner clarity, peace, and oneness with the higher-self.

Labradorite (grey with rainbow flashes):
Stone of magic. Shows us that changing our perspectives brings us to understanding ourselves. Helps to work through fears and insecurities and dissolves any emotions that are causing them. A stone to have during transition and change. Used to protect and ground as universal energies flow through this stone and help you to connect to your higher consciousness.

Clear Quartz (Matte):
Powerhouse energy stone that amplifies other stones energy. Clears the chakras and auras of unwanted energy. A stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy. Can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. A stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy


•This list is only for the bracelet and does not come with the Angel, gemstones, or display objects in the photos.•


*Shipping Time* - This piece is made to order and will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks!

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