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A Healing Intention Bracelet is a knotted strand of gemstone, crystal, or wood beads that are used as a daily reminder of an intention or purpose that you are trying to infused into your life. These bracelets are beautiful wearable intentions that can be a way to create the life you want all while wearing a custom made bracelet.

We use intuition and a deep inner knowing to choose gemstones and an intention that will be infused into the bracelet. Whether you need comfort, joy, understanding, healing, clarity or anything that you feel you need more of in your life, let us create something completely personal for you.

We use many different aspects into each bracelet and everyone is different. We pull tarot or oracle cards, use Divine Messenger numbers, Chakras, Elements, The Zodiac, Affirmations and download the energies of the universe to create a Love Note for you in the bracelet from the universe.

We can create a Healing Bracelet for many reasons or intentions: Birth, Motherhood, Physical Healing, Spiritual Healing, Mental Healing, Stress, Anxiety, Focus, Depression, Joy, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Forgiveness, Creativity, Sexual Healing, Addiction, Parental Strain, Worry, Grief, Chakra Cleansing, and the list can go on. We have created a bracelet for all of the reasons above and every one was so energy packed and beautiful.

So think of an intention you might like to use or I can create one for you.


Items to consider:

**Intention and/or Purpose


  • 77 Beads - Holds the Divine Messenger number 77 for spirit, inner wisdom, and divine life purpose
  • 88 Beads - Holds the Divine Messenger number 88 for inner wisdom, patience, ambition, and potential

**Colors that you dislike or love

  • We are very in tune with color and if there is a color that you dislike, it can indicate parts of you that may need more attention and we can use stones of different colors to help with those areas)

**Basic or Full Guide

  • Basic Guide- We will send along the intention and a listing of the stones used. It is very basic and to the point. Best for someone who is very knowledgeable about stones and energies or someone who wants to explore the piece themselves.
  • Full Guide - We will write a full guide that gives the intentions, each stones associated meaning and how it applies to your intention, meditations, pictures of Tarot or oracle cards if we pulled them for you, Divine Messenger numbers that came up, design aspects that are key and much more. A full guide is basically a written love letter about your piece and every one is so uniquely different. We don't use the same tools for each piece but something unique always comes through and we explain it all to you. We write a little bit at the beginning of the guide explaining the energies received from it or things that may need to be worked on by you. We tell you how special and beautiful the journey to create your piece was and it is a perfect companion for each piece. We do prefer and LOVE to to write full guides for each piece we get to pour my hearts out onto paper for you but they takes about 1-2 hours to write so they are an optional upgrade for you!

We can't wait to hold space for you! Let's create something beautiful.


*Shipping Time* - Current Waitlist for Custom Pieces is 4 weeks. Your piece will be added to our design waitlist and we will be in contact when you piece is next in line. We will ship during the end of the 4th week from the date of your purchase. If you have any questions please contact us! 

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