Make Art, Not Worry Coloring Book and Journal

The Grove Apothica

Created my by amazing Wife Tara, these gorgeous books are filled with 18 colorable original drawings, 12 journal pages for you to write it all out, and 6 blank pages for you to create whatever you want on. These drawings are personal, perfect in their symmetry, and create moments of calm and creation in a world full of anxiety and upset. This spiral bond book can fold over or lay flat, whatever may be more comfortable for you. Each page is on heavy card stock so you can use most mediums, such as colored pencils, markers, graphite, etc.

A Few Words from Tara:
"Coloring books have become a way for people to meditate and work through problems in their lives. Art has always been the best therapy for me, a way to shut my busy mind off and rest for a bit. Or in some cases, it allows me to solve an issue I'm having by allowing my mind to see things in a different way. I wanted to give others this opportunity by sharing my art for them to color but I also added journal pages for those moments where the art can open things up and you need to write things out to release a problem you may be having or you may even have a good memory hit you that you want to keep!"