Lady of the Forest Mala - 108 Bead

The Grove Apothica

This piece came in being in a hotel room during a show in Columbus, Ohio. My wife sat down in the hotel room with my travel bead case and started laying out this beautiful flowing earthy Mala that embraced the gorgeous Rhyolite Guru Stone. This piece felt like a Lady of the Forest wore it with her moss and twig crown as she walked through the towering trees. For the Earth Goddess in all of us.


Rhyolite (green and brown  with cream flower like spots – Guru Stone):

  • The Earth Warrior Stone
  • Heart Chakra Stone
  • radiant energy infusing your spirit with pure joy, like an antidepressant but without any side effects
  • works to reset the mind, helping you turn negatives in the positives
  • emotional and physical healing
  • reminds us that true happiness is all about perspective, because when you open your mind up to new possibilities, it helps facilitate a positive transformation
  • clears away self-doubt and replaces it with a confident "I've got this" attitude. 


Clear Quartz (matte clear semi translucent):

  • Teaches us balance, centering, flexibility, and courage to face challenges head on
  • Carries the energy of cooperation clear communication, agreement and understanding
  • Powerhouse energy stone that amplifies other stones energy
  • enhances thoughts, as they are a form of energy
  • extremely beneficial for manifesting, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling
  • a stone of clarity which dispels negativity and clears away negative energy
  • enhances spiritual growth, spirituality and wisdom
  • because it clarifies thought processes and emotions, it can increase inspiration and creativity.


Petrified Wood:

  • Works with both Root and Sacral Chakras to bring healing energies to physical and emotional issues
  • Teaches us to be patient and helps us to understand how to allow life to evolve
  • Encourages us to live simply without the hurry and bustle of the modern world
  • Helps to remind us of lessons learned to avoid repetitive mistakes
  • Reminds us to slow down and be connected to the spirit and your energy


Rutilated Quartz (clear with golden strands):

  • Breaking down barriers that keep you from spiritual progress
  • Draws negative energy from you
  • Helps you let go of the past
  • Supports you during emotional release
  • Helps to lighten dark moods and help you to see the lighter side of things
  • Aids in tuning into others to understand their intentions
  • Diminishes fears and is excellent at assisting with decision-making processes


Smokey Quartz (translucent brown):

  • It relieves fear, stress, anger
  • lifts depression and fatigue
  • teaches one how to let go of what is no longer necessary for growth
  • Relieves tension and stress
  • Eliminates worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion
  • helps you to tolerate and accept your situation while you’re going through it.
  • one of the fundamental grounding stones
  • Filters our bad moods and unspoken resentment that may affect our day


Lava Stone (black with nooks and crannies):

  • Known for its grounding qualities, it’s wonderful for calming the emotions. In fact, the quality of fire springs from the ground, so in terms of healing gems, this lends itself to a calming- but intense- energy. 

  • Comes from raw energy of the earth, it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional 

  • In folk remedies, it was also given to soldiers to help them remain calm during battle. 



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