Clearing and Cleansing Bundle

This cute little bundle is perfect to help you clear, cleansing, and ground into your Sacred Space or anywhere that needs a little pick me up. You will received:

  • 1 - 4in Raw Selenite Wand
  • 1 - 4in Palo Santo Stick

Selenite is our FAVORITE crystal to use when we need a pick me up. Just holding it brings you happy vibes. We use it during our Reiki Sessions with Clients and to keep our Tarot Decks Clean and Charged in between readings. Selenite is like pure White Light in a stone and they say that this is why it is such a soft stone, because it is just filled with light.

Selenite connects us to our Higher Self, cleanses our Aura of the gunk we pick up throughout our day, and NEVER needs to be cleansed it self because the White Light vibes it carries just releases anything that is not for our highest good. Use this stone literally anywhere. We have pieces all over our house, in every room, and practically on every surface with crystals or where we do our work.

Palo Santo is a Sacred Wood from South America and our choice over Sage any day. It's light scent is subtle enough for even the most sensitive of souls and its healing properties and support make it our go to during Reiki Sessions as well.

Its name literally means "Holy Wood" In Spanish and has been used in South America for centuries. When this wood is burned, it smoke has both medicinal and therapeutic healing powers. It is used to/for:

  • relieve Cold & Flue Symptoms
  • calm immune and nervous system issues
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • spiritual purification
  • infusing blessings
  • lesson the symptoms of depression and emotional pain
  • insprire creativity
  • evoke protection
  • Many other uses
It has become a staple of Sacred Rituals and an essential energy tool for our work, and we just love the smell. A beautiful mix of mint and citruses, this wood can bring beautiful healing and blessings to your life. Plus, a bonus to this Sacred Wood is that it is wild-harvested in Ecuador by a family that has been working the land for at least the last 10 years. Only fallen branches are used so that the trees give us the sacred offerings when they are ready.

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