Intention Jewelry and Malas

What is Intention Jewelry?

Intention is what gives something purpose and power. Anyone can create jewelry, but when there is a purpose for the piece, it becomes a sacred and personal wearable tool to transform your life. When we create an Intention Piece, we are infusing the purpose that you want, the memory that you have, or the catalyst reminder of what you are trying to embody. Intentional pieces are powerful, magical, alchemy and can help you to transform your life as well.

 I create intention necklaces with 111, 88, and 77 beads. These numbers are Divine Messenger Numbers, also known as Angel Numbers.

  • 111 Beads: a powerful number of manifestation. It symbolizes spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
  • 88 Beads: a divine number of inner wisdom, patience, ambition, and potential
  • 77 Beads: a perfect number for spirit, inner wisdom, and divine life purpose

 Intention Jewelry can be created for almost any and every intention: Birth and Fertility, Motherhood, Physical Healing, Spiritual Healing, Mental Healing, Stress, Anxiety, Focus, Depression, Joy, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Creativity, Sexual Healing, Addiction, Parental Strain, Worry, Grief, Chakra Cleansing, and the list can go on. We have created a Mala for all of the reasons above and every piece was so energy packed and beautiful.


 What is a Mala?

Malas are traditionally a strand of 108 beads that are used for prayer, meditation, repetition of a mantra, intention work, and healing. They can be made from beads of wood, stone, gemstone, crystal (yes, gemstone and crystal is different), plastic, or glass. They have been used mostly in the Buddhist and Hindu religion as a way to repeat a mantra 108 times. There are so many meanings for the number 108 in all kinds of different religions and practices:

  • there are 108 pithas, or sacred sites, throughout India
  • The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters
  • Stonehenge is 108 ft in diameter
  • there are 108 energy lines that flow from the heart chakra
  • certain sects of Buddhism believe that there are 108 earthly temptations that we need to overcome to reach enlightenment 
  • modern Gnosticism believes that we have 108 chances (lives) to remove our egos from our self

 Types of beaded necklaces and strands used for meditation and prayer are found in many different cultures: Rosaries, Witch’s Beads, Malas, Worry Beads, or Japa Mala. The word Mala actually translates from Sanskrit to Garland. So, the string of beads is like a garland around your energy center.

 Traditionally, Malas are strung with 108 beads with a 109th bead, the Guru Bead, a the bottom of the necklace. The other 108 beads are said to rotate around the Guru, just like the Sun. This Guru Bead is held as each of the 108 beads are touched and a mantra is recited or a breath is taken.


 Is there a difference between the two types of necklaces?

In reality, both types of beads serve the same purpose, but I do not feel right calling a piece a Mala that is not traditionally made, meaning knotted with any other number than 108 beads. Malas are sacred tools from the beautiful Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and Intention Necklaces are a translation of those with extra layers of purpose. Both help you create or support an aspect of your life but for the purposes of these pieces, I want to create the separation of the two pieces in respect for the religions where Malas originated.


 What does it mean when a piece breaks?

There is a traditional thought that when a Mala breaks, it means that you have finished a phase of your life or that an intention you were embodying is a part of you. Malas and Intention Pieces work for us continuously, taking on our energy throughout the day. They can be overworked and tired just like we are, so they may energetically break.

 Of course, there is always a chance that the cording used for the piece has worn thin from use or it was tugged on and snapped. Normal wear on your piece is expected. We own pieces that are over 2 years old and they have never broken or worn through yet and they are worn weekly.

 If your piece breaks, it can always be re-knotted, but we do suggest that we rework the stones, adding or taking stones away, so that there is a new purpose for it. This gives us the change to bring the piece new life and the energy back to you with a renewed vibrant Light.

 If you have a mala or intention necklace that has broken, even if it is not one that we created, we would love to rework it for you! These pieces are sacred tools and we would be honored to help bring your broken piece back to life and ready to help you on your journey.