Welcome to the Grove

Welcome to The Grove Apothica

We are all here on Momma Earth to create a life that feels safe, content, and full of purpose. Our purpose is to find joy, expand love, help people heal, and delve deeper our heart space to experience this life through a clear mind and open heart. We are all in this together, and we want us to be energetically sharing and growing together.

Our business being based off of the ideals that the forest, or Tree Groves, were places for community to gather, to collect healing tools, and connect to elements. The Apothecary, or Apothica, part of our name means that the pieces we create give people something tangible to help them to grow, to relax, to reflect, to rejuvenate, and to heal. This brings so much purpose to our Intentional Jewelry and handmade tools than we ever thought imaginable. 

We see so much beauty in other people, and we want them to see it for themselves. We see pure potential, light filled healing, and moments of pure joy waiting to be witnessed. Sometimes, we just need a key to open that door. We are here for all of it.

The purpose of all of this is to create community and more importantly Community over Competition. We want to be able to help others shine their light a little brighter so that they can see it, and we all become Lighthouses for the world. Too often we get into the practice of judgement or jealously, and we want to have a space for people to rest and open themselves up. There is enough of everything to go around. We are not in competition with anyone and we just want to be a resource for those in our community through tools, classes, and energy healing sessions.

We are committed to creating a space with diversity, inclusion, equity and anti-racism. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, and homophobia in any way in our spaces. We will continue to personally unlearn, publicly educate, and actively support those in communities that experience the above treatment.

From our heart to yours, Ashley and Tara.


 “Tell me Your story in Words, and I’ll Honor it for You in Gemstones” – Ashley, Our Creatrix and Reiki Master Teacher