In-Person Reiki Healing Sessions

We are completely dedicated to your comfort so we can perform sessions wherever. We have facilitated sessions outdoors, in client's homes, and in professional Massage Rooms. We want you to have the most relaxing experience you can, and your comfort is key.

Distance Healings are just as Powerful as In-Person Sessions!

Sometimes our busy clients don't have any time in their schedules or they are not local to us to have a session. Distance Reiki Sessions are a perfect way to get some Reiki Love. While you are working, so are we. We can schedule a specific time for the session to be done so you can relax and receive, or we can perform the session when we are called to do it and you will receive the healing at any time of the day. The beautiful is that you do not have to be local to us to receive the benefits of Reiki wherever you are.

Interested in a Reiki Session?

Drop us a note and we will contact you to schedule a session!

Whether you are in the Northeast Ohio area for an in-person session, or you are across the globe and would like a Distance Healing Session, please indicate which you are wanting to schedule and we will contact you soon!

Ashley is a proud member of the Reiki Membership Association founded by a leader in this industry, William Rand. She is trained under the Usui Tradition through his lineage. 

She is certified as a Reiki Master through Cortney Martinelli, her Reiki Master Teacher, who is a 2rd Generation teacher under William Rand.