Healing Power of Gemstones

Gemstones  vs  Crystals

Did you know that a Crystal can be a Gemstone but a Gemstone can never be a Crystal? The reason for this is because a Crystal has a crystalline structure meaning that it makes a pattern on the molecular level when it is forming. A Gemstone on the other hand does not have a patterned structure when it grows. Crystals grow in faceted points, square, and triangular structures. Gemstones grow into other rocks or transform them which means they cannot grow with a shaped structure.


How do gemstones/crystals heal?

Everything around us is made from energy. This is basic physics. Energy is molecules vibrating, and depending on how fast they are vibrating, you can measure their frequency. Crystals and gemstones have the same vibrational energy. This is how they work with us. If they are vibrating on a higher frequency, they help to raise us up to where they are.

On a more Woo-Woo level, crystals and gemstones understand trauma. They have been dug out from their warm homes in the earth. They have been carved, polished, and transformed. Their energy comes from Source and because of that they understand trauma as a neccessary experience to raise the vibrations of Conciousness.They want to help us to evolve and grow. Each stone has different properties that assist us with everything we may need.


Why I connect to these healing rocks?

 My earliest memories of crystals and gemstones were at a young age. I still have one of my first gemstones that I recently found in one of my crystal boxes: a small piece of Petrified Wood. Interestingly enough, Petrified Wood has always been one of my favorite stones to work with and I have it all over my house! I always collected strange stones just because I loved the way they looked and I would use them as worry stones. I would find one spot on them that felt amazing to run my fingers over. 

As I grew into this path, gemstones started to talk to me with their subtle energies. I could feel my moods shifting, visions opening, and mind focusing. Most importantly, I found love in these stone: Unconditional, unfettering, and unstoppable Love from the universe. If I'm having a bad day I grab Rose Quartz and Unakite. Need some focus and to clear my mind? Bring on the Amethyst and Fluorite. If I need to change my perspectives and understand myself and why I did something, Garnet and Labradorite come to the Rescue. There is a gemstone/crystal for everything. 

I am all about Emotional balance and healing. Being a Cancer Sun Sign, I am a bit moody, emotional, and mothering to others. My Crystal Healers bring my life into balanced focus, so that I can be of service that is grounded in Divine Love.


So, "How do I know what stones I should choose?"

This is one of the most common questions I get. The best way to choose the stones for you is to let them choose you! I know that might sound a little hard, but you will be able to tell which ones want to work with you. You have to pay attention to their subtle hints. Here are some ways to help you choose:

  • What are you drawn to?
  • Which stones catch your eye?
  • What stones when you hold them give you goosebumps, make you feel good, or just feel good to hold?

There is really no rhyme or reason on how each person connects either.

Start slow. Choose one or two stones to work with at a time. Don't do what I did and buy all of the stones, then feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. Take your time really getting to know each stone before moving on. Sleep with them, hold them during the day or evening, and talk to them. The more you connect to them, the more they will open up to you.

One last thing that I feel is the most important thing to know about crystals but is the most overlooked:   GIVE THEM A JOB!!    Gemstones will share their energy with you without a job, but when they know how you want to work with them, they can fully engage in working with you. Think of youself starting a new job. What if you showed up at your first day and they didn't give you anything to do, so you just try to act busy. You are not using your full potential. It's the exact same thing with crystals and gemstones. They need purpose.


 Here is our favorite online resource for crystal and gemstone information - Crystal Vaults:



And now we have to mention:

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