Maintenance Care for your Intention Jewelry


Your sacred tool can be used for many years as long as it is treated with love and care. Since it is handmade, we would like you to know about a few things that can help keep it like new.

Physical Maintenance

  • The Settling In period - The knots will be very tight when your first receive your piece but will settle and loosen over time. Please do not pull on or stretch the knots or strand as that could damage the cording and it will break. Nylon cord is used for stability, but nothing is indestructible if it is pulled too hard.

  • Water - One of the biggest complaints that we hear about macramé bracelets is that after a while the knotted closure loosens and the bracelet won't stay closed. Our first question is "Did you wear it in the shower, pool, or does it get soaked when you wash your hands?" The answer is always a resounding "YES". Here's the skinny on macramé and knots. They are super durable and will hold their shape, UNLESS they are wet. Water actually helps the cording and knots to stretch and loosen. These pieces can and will last you for years, like a fine piece of jewelry, just take it off before slipping into the pool, doing the dishes, or washing your hands. A few seconds of taking it off will save you time, money, and you can wear your intentions for years to come.

  • Tassels – If your piece has a tassel, it is made by hand and not store bought. There may be 400 - 800 strands of thread in each tassel that I make which could lead to knots and kinks quickly if not taken care of. Comb, lay flat, and/or roll the tassel up tightly in a piece of sturdy paper and tape it closed. Allow it to sit straight for 24-48 hours. This allows it to straighten and correct any kinks that may form in the tassel. You can also lightly spray your tassel with water and comb it out. Allow it to hang dry and that can help to straighten it out. Please NEVER flat iron your tassel. You will burn the thread.

  • Children & Pets - We want to mention that these pieces are not toys. Once we saw one of the pieces we created, just given to a baby to chew on. No, No, No. Just like water, saliva will ruin your piece, and some stones should NEVER be put in the mouth. They are safe to touch, but never ingested. Babies and children also pull and tug on jewelry so please be aware that these pieces are handmade and not indestructible. Animals also like to chew on cords, tassels, and beads. We can't even tell you how many times we find one of our pieces under the couch, as our cat thought it was her new toy. Please be respectful of the energy that these pieces hold as well. Treating them like chew toys does not respect its purpose.

 Energy Maintenance

  • Dedicating your Intentions - When you first receive your piece, take a moment to connect with it. Sit somewhere quiet and read your guide. Say your Intention aloud while holding your piece in your hands, and ask it to help you to understand yourself better. Say a prayer, meditate, or just sit with it for a few moments, thanking the stones for being willing to help you on your journey. If you appreciate them, they will appreciate you and help you to your highest good. These Sacred Tools are beautiful, powerful, and they will help you to help yourself if you open yourself up to their healing power.

  • Keep your piece cleansed and charged - Using your gemstone pieces for healing or even just wearing it, is an exchange of energy between you, the stones, and the universe. The stones give you subtle energies to help you with your day but they are also taking on a lot from you too. You can cleanse your piece of negative energies or prior programing by holding it and mentally asking that it be cleansed, waving it through sacred smoke (sage, Palo Santo Wood, incense, etc.), placing it on a selenite block or charging plate and asking for it to be cleanses, lying it in a window during the full moon, etc. There are so many ways to cleanse your piece and you will know what feels right for you.


We seriously can’t say enough how honored we are to create this piece for you. It’s a connection to your path and every fiber of our beings want you to create the life that you desire. We know that this piece is ready to help you unfold so much for you. Allow it to open you up and show the world your splendid wonder. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your journey. We appreciate you.