Welcome to the Grove

How did it all start?

 A few years ago, several friends and I decided to get together every New and Full Moon to commune, do a little craft, pull some tarot cards and just revel in the amazing energies that surround us. Little did I know that those moments of teaching, planning, and growth with every Moon Phase would catapult me on the path that I am on. I created an Alter Space for us, opening and closing intentions for our circles, and we talked about Crystals, Tarot, Astrology, and any of the wacky life stuff that we were going through. Those moments of holding space for other humans created a spark that lit up my entire world.

 During that time, I found meditation and I started to add Mantras into my spiritual practice. This is where the idea of a Mala came into my life. Being able to have something physical to hold my mantra or intention that I was working with helped me to ground into what I was focusing on. I went into research mode to find out anything and everything that I could about these beads of string, wood, and gemstone. The world opened up to a whole other level. I started to read about other religions, other spiritual prayer beads and jewelry, and I felt like I had come home. That spark that was struck with my friends now started to catch a little more.

 From there, I started creating intention filled crystal and gemstone pieces for others' journeys. I have grown so much since June 2016 when I began this business, and you are now here in the energetic manifestation of my journey.  I’m honored that you have chosen to share space with me, and I can’t wait to open up more doors and portals for us to explore.


 What’s in a Name?

 The Grove Apothica is not just a name for my business: it is an Ideal. I knew that when I built a business on healing and growth, it would have to have a name that reflected where this growth and healing originated. So, let’s break it down a bit:

 Many ancient civilizations would use tree groves as a place to do ceremony and ritual. It was a place to spend time with their Deities and Gods, a place to spend time with family and friends, to commune with themselves, to commune with nature, and to commune with community and their ancestors. In modern times, Tree groves are where we go to get away from the modern world, to escape from the daily tasks of anxiety and fear, to relax and spend time with the Momma Earth, who cradles us every day. Trees are also a beautiful, real-life representation of cycles, stability, and a willingness to never give up. They are masterful and powerful. 

 Then there's the apothecary portion, or “Apothica”. Apothecaries were places where you can go to get medicine, remedies, and knowledge. In modern times, they are more natural healing places where you're not going to get over-the-counter but alternative medicine to help you heal as a whole person: mind, body, and soul. My Apothica helps you to understand the underlying issues, and I am always open and willing to share the knowledge that I have collected. I want everyone to find just what they need to assist them in shining their full gorgeous Divine Light.

 In past lives, I've been priestesses of temples in Greece. I have been a part of ritual circles deep in the forest around huge bonfires, and I feel like my Grove temple in the here and now still helps me to lead others and help them on their path.


 Our Purpose

 The Goal of my business is to help people heal, heal on levels that they may not even know that they're hurting.  Every piece that I create, by tapping into someone else’s essence, helps me to heal as well. We are all in this together, and I want us to be energetically sharing and growing together.

 My business being based off of the Tree Grove and Apothecary ideals means that the pieces I create give people something tangible to help them to grow, to relax, to reflect, to rejuvenate, and to heal. This brings so much purpose to my Intention jewelry than I ever thought imaginable. I see so much beauty in other people, and I want them to see it for themselves.

 The purpose of all of this is to create community and more importantly Community over Competition. I want to be able to help others shine their light a little brighter so that they can see it, and we all just become Lighthouses for the world. Too often we get into the practice of judgement or jealously, and I want to have a safe space for people to rest and open themselves up.


 “Tell me Your story in Words, and I’ll Honor it for You in Gemstones” – Ashley (me)