Virgo Zodiac Power Bracelet

The Grove Apothica

These piece were created to celebrate the Virgo Sun Sign. Every person has aspect of almost every zodiac sign in their personality traits. The Sun sign especially is who you really are and that is the focus of this piece. Your sun sign is the internal clock that keeps us on track and the personality we share with those we hold most dear and they come out when we're upset, hurt, or passionate about something. Every sign has beautiful and not so beautiful parts but the part of each that is the highly beneficial to cultivate is where this Mala comes into play. Be aware though that there is a fine line for these attributes being over-whelming or misunderstood by those around you. This Mala will help you to hone in on the good aspects of your Sun Sign and really nurture that power center for you.

Zodiac: Virgo
Intention: My Mind is my Power
Gemstones: Fluorite, Moss Agate, Ametrine
Symbol - The Virgin
Element – Earth (Practicality, Caution, Material World)
Quality – Mutable (Adaptability, flexible, resourceful)
Ruling Planet – Mercury (The Mentality and Nerves Planet)
I Am statement – “I Analyze”

***These pieces are handmade and will last you for years if they are treated with love and care. Do not wash them or get them wet as water will loosen the knots and make your piece unwearable. I know this personally because I have done it myself and had to reknot my bracelet.


*Shipping Time*- This piece is made to order and will be ready to ship in 1-2 weeks!

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