I Am Calm - Sacred Reminder Bracelet

The Grove Apothica

Every day we come across moments where someone gets under our skin, or something does not go the way that we thought it would. In those moments we can 2 options: give into the chaos and lose our cool OR we can choose to settle into calm and allow our heart to lead the way. Settle into Calm.

This Bracelet is Sacred Reminder with Gemstone Allies to help you connect and embody the message of this bracelet. There are many ways to use it also besides just wearing it. You can use it to tie around your tarot cards, hang it from a door knob, around your water bottle, Etc. Use this bracelet wherever you need that reminder to be for you.

Each Bracelet comes attached to a card that gives the Sacred Reminder and Gemstone Allies Listed.

Bracelets are adjustable and fit wrists 5in-8in. If you never want to take the bracelet off, simply tie the two ends together over the macrame closure for a secure fit.

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