Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, but if you ask anyone who has had a session, it is so much more. When your stress level is low and you are relaxed, your body is able to heal on every level more easily and it helps to open your heart. In order to heal, you must raise your personal vibration. It’s that simple. Scientifically speaking, a healthy human body vibrates between 62 – 72 MHz. Once you fall below this threshold, you are susceptible to anxiety and stress-related conditions, illnesses and diseases. Reiki is one of the quickest ways to raise the frequency of a human body (although, there are hundreds of ways). Learn how to use this ancient Japanese technique to bring about well-being for you and those in your life.

Why is Reiki training right for you:

  • You feel a calling to help others
  • You or someone you know deals with stress/anxiety/pain and you want to have a way to help
  • You want to add a healing modality to your Self-Care practice
  • You don't have a Self-Care practice and want a technique to help you start one
  • Reiki has come into your life when you were searching for something
  • You are a Nurse and want to add another layer of healing to your work (We can offer 4 Contact Hours for Levels 1 & 2 - See class for details)
  • You already work with Crystals and the Chakra System
  • You know that you have a higher calling and are ready to step into something beautiful

If any of those describe you, Reiki will be a beautiful compliment to your life. It has changed my life and everyday brings new joy and opportunities to heal more parts of myself and others.

There are 3 levels of Training:

  • Level 1 - Self Healing - Beginning here we open you up to the healing energy of Reiki. You will learn how to start the flow of Reiki Energy, how to work on yourself and your friends and family, and start your Reiki Journey.
  • Level 2 - Healing Others - Ready to start working on others? This class is all about setting you up to start offering sessions on others and deepen your understanding of the Reiki Energy. Even if you do not want to work on others, there is a TON of info in this course that will help expand your connection to the Reiki Energy.
  • Master - Teaching Others - After being opened to the energy and seeing how it is working in your life, this class is all about learning how to teach this healing modality to others. This class is a full weekend and is a great cap to your training whether you want to teach or not.


For Available Dates please see the course below: