The Journey So Far...

September 09, 2018

Hello Sweet Soul, I am so honored that you are here. I’m Ashley, the Heart and Soul of The Grove Apothica. My path to this work has been gradual over my entire life and I see now that all of the obstacles that I came across were instead path corrections to lead me here, with You!

I’ve always been interested in making jewelry, even in high school. I would tinker with jewelry I had bought and reinvent new pieces. I’ve been collecting Gemstones, Tarot decks, and books on Magic and Healing for decades as well before I really knew how to use them.

In 2010, I had I lost my brother in a car accident. In the same 3-month period surrounding his death, I was laid off from my job, my spouse’s father had to have emergency heart surgery, and her beloved grandmother passed away.  This period in my life was a true Tower experience of the Tarot. My world crashed down, and although I didn’t realize it then but it was the catalyst that broke down the walls to the path I am on now.

As the grief of my loss grew, I started to delve into everything I could get my hands on. I wanted to heal and release the pain that I was feeling. I tried anything and everything I could find. I started to research Crystals, Magic, Astrology, Numerology, Spirituality, Moon Cycles. That’s when people came into my life that elevated my journey in these realms and fed my hunger for more knowledge.

Then in 2015, I had my first Reiki Session with a friend who was practicing, just after her Reiki Level 2 class. It blew my mind. I had visions and felt energy surging through my body, it was intense. I cried and opened up.  At the time, I thought Reiki Healing Sessions were interesting and very deeply healing, but that it was not for me to start practicing. I was still working through my self-confidence and self-doubt issues and thought that I would never be good enough or worthy enough to become a Reiki Practitioner. Spoilers, I was wrong.

Spring 2016 came into view and several friends and I decided to get together for what we called “Moon Tribe” on every New and Full Moon. Those moments of connection, of holding space for other beings, connecting to my Tarot and Oracle cards, and aligning myself with Grandmother Moon, made my soul sing.  After every gathering, I was floating on the energy and feeling like I was truly starting to understand myself. My old wounds from my childhood started to open again because I was open to healing them. I was aligning with my purpose. Though that brought me into a place of grief all over again, into moments of self-doubt, of deep feeling, I knew that the work had to be done because a higher purpose was calling.

The Summer of 2016 was transformative. I found so many online communities that opened up new parts of me, new friendships, and I started to notice these meditation tools called Malas popping up into my feed online. I started to research what they were, finding that they have a rich and beautiful history in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. These pieces became magic to me so I found a few wood Malas online and began a mantra meditation practice. From there Gemstone beads came into view and I started to create Intentional Malas for my friends and The Grove Apothica was born.

I wanted to make these healing pieces really special and explain what I at the time felt were little Love Notes that I was creating for people so I named the Jewelry portion of The Grove Apothica "Love Knots" Love Notes=Love Knots. I was knotting love into every piece, bringing healing with every strung bead, and send magic in every package.

There is an annual Psychic Fair called Seek the Light in Akron, Ohio that I had been attending for years. Crystals, Psychics & Mediums, Tarot, and Sacred Geometry galore. I was an amazing place to be at and I decided to sign up for their November 2016 show as a vendor and unveiled my first series of Pocket Malas, The Tarot Healing Series. My table was covered with moss, wood, gemstones and crystals, and of course a little Fairy Magic. I met some of my first clients at that show that I am still creating for and have never felt more community that weekend than I had felt in a long time. As probably every person I spoke with can remember, I cried most of the weekend talking to people about these healing crystals and gemstones that I was offering to them. Seriously cried, teared up, and was just overwhelmed with emotion. My heart space was overflowing and I knew that I had surrendered to this calling. The information that was coming out of me came from Source, for sure, because I was spouting gemstone associations and Divine Knowledge like I had lived this path for years (past lifetimes as well for sure). I can still feel the overwhelming love that I felt that weekend. I know that I was glowing and I felt so safe in that space. I had come home.

I met some of the most transformative people at that show and little did I know but I met my future Reiki Master Teacher at that show, along with some of the most supportive fellow vendors who I have learned so much from. From there The Grove became a place where I felt safe and supported, where I could create, where my heart and soul could be poured into and it was filled right back up by the souls I had the honor to work with.

I decided in the Spring of 2017 to start my journey in learning the healing practice in Reiki with Cortney Martinelli of Shine Akron. Ever since our first meeting in November, her bright radiant Sun filled energy was a beacon. I left my Level I Training with my mind blown! I was hooked and knew that I would continue this training with Cortney and embrace the healing love of Reiki. I wanted to Reiki everything. Every piece was blessed, and I wanted to know more about this healing modality.

From there my business just started to explode. I was so filled with Gratitude and Awe of the support of this community that I knew I was on the right path. I started to meet more and more souls at markets and expos. I connected to more people online and through Etsy and I started to see these sparkling webs of gorgeous souls forming. Clients who started their crystal journeys with me didn’t realize that they knew others already in the community I was building and it still makes me laugh at how interconnected it all has become.

I finished my Reiki Master training earlier this year. It has been a crazy beautiful ride and my heart is still expanding. What you are now reading is what I manifested for this business years ago and we are still just getting started. I am so happy that you are here and I can’t wait to see what gorgeous magic this community will create together.

Thank you for being here with me, holding space for my journey, and being a beacon of light for this community. I can't wait to show you all the Magic I have in store for all of us.

Talk soon Sweet Souls.    


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